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kettling links

---"9 Instances of Excessive Force"
---"The various layers of armor, mechanization and remote operation that we see today alter the relationship between police and protesters from one of the police as neighbors who are defending communities to something that, fairly or not, begins to look like an impersonal army of occupation." --from "It Really Is Different This Time"
---(Fear of a Brown Planet) Reverse Racism by Aamer Rahman
---"The police largely see themselves as the designated and heroic protectors of a particular kind of social order, one that’s rooted in racial hierarchy and the ownership of property, but which isn’t defined solely by either one." --from "Police, Social Order, and Exemplary Violence" by Patrick Wyman
---Storm Troopers
---"Experts on crowd control say kettling is a technique the police have used for decades, not just in New York City, but around the world, including Northern Ireland. In theory, officers surround …

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human sacrifice links

Boy Men: Notes on Step Brothers (2008)

Anticipating the Die-Off: Notes and Quotes about Michael Rupport's Collapse