jack links

---Blue Christmas

---"The Christmas Card" --Terry Gilliam

---"The Man from Dream City" by Pauline Kael

---a scene from Animal Crackers

---From the Journals of Jean Seberg"

---"the two most important movie events of 2014 weren’t movies at all, but rather what amounted to a pair of live-action trailers" --Mark Harris

---a video from Spike Lee

---Transformers: Age of Extinction and Gone Girl VFX

---"SILENT NIGHT! Endless night!
All is dark, there’s no light.
Cyclone clouds have blocked out the sky,
We’re almost out of our dry-meat supply.
Sleep in uneasy peace.
We may have to eat Aunt Bernice."

---The Hollywood Reporter director and actress roundtables

---"The Terminator Paradox"

---kissing for The New York Times

---Criterion Designs

---Anatomy of a scene: Wild, Interstellar, and Inherent Vice

---"The Year of Outrage"

---Zero Dark Access

---"Beards and plaid may well just look good, and I hardly think that the man wearing both while coding on a MacBook Air in a coffee shop is really attempting to sell anyone on the idea that he’s an authentic ‘jack." --Willa Brown

---2014: Year of the Iconoclast

---profiles of John Milius and Martin Brest

---"In Defense of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, 10 Years Later" by Ryan Reed

---tips for documentary filmmakers

---filmmaking tips from Mike Nichols

---behind the scenes of The Two Faces of January and Selma

---trailers for Mad Max: Fury Road, Get Hard, EntourageTop Five, It Follows, The Walk, Knight of Cups, While We're Youngand others

---"Paul Thomas Anderson, like his L.A. forefather Robert Altman, embraces the sprawl. Why not tell several different stories with loose threads? Why limit yourself to one great performance in a movie if you can get 20? Why pick one genre when you can pull from everything and make movies that push the whole idea of genre to its city limits?" --Molly Lambert

---"You find actors often know gangsters — maybe they have a lot in common, when you think about it."  --Michael Caine

---Lucas's version

 ---a clip from A Most Violent Year

---Chernobyl by drone