data dread links

---Marty's reaction to Season 2 of True Detective

---Hunter S. Thompson discusses the Hells Angels

---"Nonetheless, increasingly, as a black woman in America, I do not feel alive. I feel like I am not yet dead." --Roxane Gay

---Chuck Jones--The Evolution of an Artist

---"For most movie stars, comedy typically derives from inserting the actor into a strange or outrageous situation, allowing him or her to react. . . .  But in Tom Cruise movies, the setup is inverted: He is the strangeness that the rest of the world must contend with." --Steven Hyden

---filmmaking tips from John Waters

---trailers for Horse Money, The Revenant, Sisters, Suicide Squad, Dark PlacesVinyland By the Sea

---"The Modern American Indie" by Calum Marsh

---"The Romantic Comedy Spectrum: A Reading List"

---"The underlying assumption is that people don’t want to have to choose among different ways of choosing to be informed — that is, of different ways to seek, evaluate, and assimilate information. They don’t want to have to be; they just want to scroll. Scrolling is perfect in that it satisfies a users’ need for action and their need for boredom, as a spur for further action. It sustains desire in an ideological cultural climate that tells us over and over again that 'desiring' (particularly in the form of the money or attention we have to spend) is what makes us desirable, interesting; that our desire is what makes us powerful, not the choices we ultimately end up making on account of it." --Rob Horning

---Hiroshima by John Hersey

---Dune complete

---"That's What Happened Between Me and Clark" by Anne Helen Petersen

---"I do think there’s a system we’ve created in the wake of 9/11 — these kinds of secret processes...that flags people, and there are people who are not really looking to review it — therefore, once you get caught in this system, there’s no way out of it. It’s sort of like this Kafkaesque system that exists and is self-perpetuating. Once somebody, like, points at something, nobody ever reviews it, and you’re just there." --Laura Poitras

---"16 incredible long takes"

---"Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here"

---an oral history of Deliverance

---"This means that more data has been created and stored since the turn of the millennium than in the entire history of humanity. Metaphors for information overload tend to fall into two categories: those that suggest addiction or lack of self-control, such as infomania, datamania, infobesity, databesity, dataholism, infostress, dataddiction, infovorism, datadithering, data dread; and those that suggest natural disaster, such as datanami, datageddon, dataclypse, data deluge, data smog, infoglut, information saturation, data swamp, drowning in data." --Paul Stephens