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---The Evolution of the Comic Book Film

---"I get a middle-of-the-Venn-diagram thrill when I encounter either literariness in film writing or film as the subject or setting of literary writing. Granted most specialists probably feel similarly, but for me there's something uniquely difficult, and also potentially alchemic, in witing about movies. The writer is tasked not only with verbally transmitting image and movement, but also capturing something of the mood or fantasy evoked on screen, and grappling with medium-specific gestures so minor they're almost implied; here, the challenge is to convey but not overwork such moments, keeping both effect and subtlety intact, as if handing over a moth without dissolving its wings." --Veronica Fitzpatrick

---hathor / room

---"In the 1990s and early 2000s, I used to hear horror stories all the time. One well-known agent once threw his phone at an assistant, only he threw it so hard it went clean out the window. A top studio executive intimidated his staff so terribly that a lower-level executive kept a voodoo doll of him and would stab it on choice occasions. A media exec smashed two women’s heads together because he wanted to watch them kiss." --Stephen Galloway

---mistakes to avoid when shooting an independent film

---"The Video Essay as Art: How to Make a Great Supercut" by Conor Bateman

---"I've always been someone that's really fascinated by identity and really aware that it's a creation." --Tessa Thompson

---trailers for Doctor Strange, Justice League, Kong: Skull Island, La La LandWonder Woman, Blair Witch, A Tale of Love and Darkness, Nerve, Rules Don't ApplyThe Edge of SeventeenTrain to Busan, and The Magnificent Seven

---"The immediacy of media, the expectation that we can be anywhere now, is changing how we experience crisis and even our own mortality." --Emily Bell

---Spatial Bodies

---Matt Zoller Seitz studies the film pop culture references of Mr. Robot

---Alexander Payne: The Science of Failure

---"The most widely accepted definition of a troll is a provocateur—someone who says outrageous, extreme or abusive things to elicit a reaction in an imagined audience. For them, the reaction itself is the win. That doesn’t cover the various sub-species of troll in this well-catered goblin market. 

The key distinction, at this convention and among the petty demagogues here assembled, is between the attention hustlers—the pure troll howlers who play this grotesque game for its own sake and their own—and the true believers. Roosh is a true believer, and that puts him at a disadvantage. Roosh means what he’s saying, but he’s still aware that he’s playing a game — the same game almost everyone in this crucible of A-list internet con-men is playing. It’s the game of turning raw rage into political currency, the unscrupulous whorebaggery of the troll gone pro. These are people who cashed in their limited principles to cheat at poker. Milo is the best player here. Like Trump, and like a lot of successful politicians in this postmodern circus, they channel their own narcissism to give voice to the wordless, formless rage of the people neoliberalism left behind. They offer new win conditions for the humiliated masses. Welcome to the scream room. There’s a cheese plate." --Laurie Penny

---Star Trek: Rules of War


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