"How to Make Your Life Into a Wes Anderson Film" by Jesus Jimenez


“`As long as it’s deadpan, then you’re golden,' Ms. Williams said, adding that characters in Mr. Anderson’s films often “act more in body language as opposed to showcasing any real emotion.”

In Ms. Williams’s video, she first appears with a deadpan stare directly at the camera, standing in front of the train. She then puts her train ticket in a holder, pauses, and adjusts the ticket slightly to the right.

In another video, of a man who takes his wife to lunch, there is a short clip of his wife trying to steal a French fry, before he quickly swats her hand away.

`Those are the kind of elements that are tossed in out of the blue, and ultimately create the Wes Anderson aesthetic,` Mr. Koval said. `You know it when you see it.`”

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