Christmas links

---The Christmas Card

---A Christmas message from Edward Snowden

---10 of the best film-studies books of 2013

---Rites of Passage with Joan Fontaine

---David O. Russell's filmmaking tips

---"By now, the militarization of the police has advanced to the point where 'the War on Crime' and 'the War on Drugs' are no longer metaphors but bland understatements. There is the proliferation of heavily armed SWAT teams, even in small towns; the use of shock-and-awe tactics to bust small-time bookies; the no-knock raids to recover trace amounts of drugs that often result in the killing of family dogs, if not family members; and in communities where drug treatment programs once were key, the waging of a drug version of counterinsurgency war. . . . But American over-policing involves far more than the widely reported up-armoring of your local precinct. It's also the way police power has entered the DNA of social policy, turning just about every sphere of American life into a police matter."

---"when Hollywood knew how to portray women"

---the depth of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

---"the objective of this system is nothing less than the elimination of individual privacy worldwide."

---Audrey Totter in The Unsuspected

---"I saw this film half a dozen times at the Bon Marche Mall cinema in Baton Rouge when it was in its initial release, and it was a huge inspiration to me. Looking at it now, I can see why: the things that are great about it don’t/didn’t have anything to do with having a lot of money (Catherine O’Hara trying to confuse Griffin Dunne while he attempts to remember a phone number), so it seemed within reach to an aspiring young filmmaker growing up in a suburban subdivison. Sure, there’s plenty of the patented Scorsese formal flourishes, but nothing that can’t be achieved with a standard Fisher dolly, and that’s why it all seems possible; it’s humor, insight, style, and impact are built out of a series of brilliantly constructed small things" --Steven Soderbergh

---The Clash on The Tom Snyder Show

---The Pulp Magazines Project

---behind the scenes of American Hustle

---"The Second-Hand Illusion: Notes on Cukor" by David Phelps

---"The Best Film Writing of 2013" by Movie Mezzanine

---trailers for Transcendence, Interstellar, White Bird in a Blizzard, Yves Saint Laurent, Jupiter Ascending, Edge of Tomorrow, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The Art of the Steal

---"The Best Sister Acts of Hollywood History" by Nathaniel R

---"Basically, if we wait even a few years to implement anything less than a fossil-fuel starvation diet, momentum already built into the system nearly guarantees the climate is toast."

---The Art of the Time-Lapse


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