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---The Bad Sleep Well (1960)--The Geometry of a Scene

---Smog Journeys

---"What makes Martin's study of mise en scène and film style is precisely its capacity to enrich an educated cinephile's cinematic experience by awareness of the stylistic elements and strategies employed to create any single film and the multiple ways those elements and strategies can be approached and expressed." --Michael Guillen

---The Oscars' Horrible Lack of Diversity

---Things Are Not What They Seem

---Altman TV

---"Around the world, instances of palpable, immediate environmental catastrophe and brazen, systematic oppression proliferated at a terrifying rate, which underscores a position we and others have taken of late: With such nightmares growing more real each day, where does dystopian fiction end and reality begin?" --Devon Malony

---one shot from Raid 2

---Children of Men Advertising and Propaganda

---trailers for Hard To Be A God, Kidnapping Mr. Heineken, Clouds of Sils Maria, H, Nobody Wants The Night, Nailed, Big Game, The Lazarus Effect, Eden, and Unfriended 

---Top 15 Mistakes Beginning Filmmakers Make

---"Daily / Sundance 2015 Index" by David Hudson

---"There is a certain seasoned impossibility to Rumsfeld—like an onion, if you pull back all of the layers, there is nothing but air. Because of this, there is a particular, almost vertiginous feeling when watching Unknown Known. In each exchange, Morris is always trying, and sometimes failing, to get the better of Rumsfeld. In this important sense, Unknown Known is fundamentally adversarial; we understand Rumsfeld’s decision-making negatively, because he never volunteers anything of himself. It is reveled through his misdirection and emphasis." --Juliana Cosma

 ---links to film magazines via Cinephelia and Beyond

---Annapurna Pictures: 2012 to the Present

---filmmaking tips from Mark and Jay Duplass

---"Multitasking creates a dopamine-addiction feedback loop, effectively rewarding the brain for losing focus and for constantly searching for external stimulation. To make matters worse, the prefrontal cortex has a novelty bias, meaning that its attention can be easily hijacked by something new – the proverbial shiny objects we use to entice infants, puppies, and kittens. The irony here for those of us who are trying to focus amid competing activities is clear: the very brain region we need to rely on for staying on task is easily distracted. We answer the phone, look up something on the internet, check our email, send an SMS, and each of these things tweaks the novelty- seeking, reward-seeking centres of the brain, causing a burst of endogenous opioids (no wonder it feels so good!), all to the detriment of our staying on task. It is the ultimate empty-caloried brain candy. Instead of reaping the big rewards that come from sustained, focused effort, we instead reap empty rewards from completing a thousand little sugar-coated tasks." --Daniel J. Levitin

---World's Most Generic News Report

---the opening title sequence of Do The Right Thing

---"When you shoot with an iPhone, are you losing some control over your instrument. Yes. Are you losing image quality. Of course. Does it matter? Maybe not as much as you think, considering the fact that The Hollywood Reporter described the look of Tangerine as 'crisp and vigorously cinematic', with 'an aesthetic purity that stands out in a field where so much indie filmmaking has gotten glossier and less technically adventurous.'"--V. Renee

---The Setpiece

---"How Wes Anderson's Cinematographer Shot These 9 Great Scenes" by Kyle Buchanan

---"Over time, however, consumers’ waistlines exposed the expensive storage costs that allowed the oversupplied corn market to function. Far from receiving nutritional benefits from the supersize revolution, consumers functioned as the new repositories of agricultural surplus. Consumers’ bodies became jam-packed silos, replacements for the federal repositories that had once helped stimulate scarcity by keeping excess corn off retail shelves. Consuming ever-greater quantities of calories each year, Americans became bigger and bigger." --Bartow J. Elmore

---"As Inequality Soars, the Nervous Super Rich Are Already Planning Their Escapes" by Alec Hogg

---A Diary by George Lucas


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