Rachel Kushner: "Spinoza with lipstick"

I'm very much looking forward to reading Rachel Kushner's novel out today entitled The Mars Room. Here's quote from Dana Goodyear's profile "Rachel Kushner's Immersive Fiction" from The New Yorker:

"Kushner, who is forty-nine and lives in Los Angeles, thinks of herself as a 'girl citizen,' asking questions, at large in the world. She uses the novel as a place to be flamboyant and funny, and to tell propulsive stories, but mainly as a capacious arena for thinking. In her work, Kushner draws on decades of American social life and European intellectual history, while remaining open to slinky aberrations—poemlike passages, monologues, lists, a slip into unadulterated fact. The Mars Room, for instance, contains excerpts from the Unabomber’s diaries. This takes swagger. Don DeLillo, a friend, is a tutelary figure. Like him, she is good at conjuring mayhem: a riot, a blackout, a bomb going off at the country club. Her reading taste runs to Marguerite Duras and Clarice Lispector—women who are brainy, sexy, complex, unmanageable. 'These are proxies for her,' Kushner’s husband, Jason Smith, the chair of the M.F.A. program at ArtCenter College of Design, says. 'That’s what Rachel’s into—Spinoza with lipstick.'"