The Film Doctor's Sixth Anniversary

Six years ago, the Film Doctor started posting reviews, including this one concerning George Clooney and Tilda Swinton in Michael Clayton (2007).


Richard Bellamy said…
Congratulations! I have always enjoyed my visits to your blog. This is my 6th year of blogging at Little Worlds. My most recent post was in response to someone wondering where my May movie reviews were. Right now, life has gotten in the way of posting, but as the spirit moved me to respond with a long post, the spirit will move me again to post on movies once again. I know it's hard sometimes, so I congratulate you and encourage you to keep posting.
Thanks, Hokahey, for the congratulations and the encouragement. I tend to think of writing as its own reward, even as laziness, self-consciousness, distraction, paid work, etc. keeps getting in the way of posting. Blogging can help keep one from simple mindless consumption. I like to use the medium as a form of criticism of received opinions.

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