"Machete don't text": The Film Doctor's Greatest Hits

Over the years, these posts proved much more popular than the other ones. I wonder why?

---"Katie, Micah, and the Scary Demon: A Pictorial Primer for Paranormal Activity"

---"The Sabretooth Cat and the Angry Badger: A Pictorial Primer for Hugh Jackman's X-Men Origins: Wolverine"

---"The weak are meat the strong do eat: 8 notes on Cloud Atlas"

---"The Hangover and the Chicken Mystery"

---"Rise and Rise Again Until Lambs Become Lions": 11 Questions about Ridley Scott's Robin Hood"

---"Dead man driving: 9 notes on the imponderable profundities of Fast & Furious"

---"'Machete don't text': 11 reasons why Robert Rodriguez's Machete is the sweetest film thus far this year."

---"'Mother nature is a serial killer:' a discussion about World War Z"

---"Django Unchained and the representation of slavery"

Thanks for reading!


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