The Film Doctor's fifth anniversary

Five years ago, the Film Doctor started posting reviews, including this one concerning Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette.

Some links:

---Masculin Feminin

---“The only great problem of cinema seems to be more and more, with each film, when and why to start a shot and when and why to end it.”  --Jean Luc Godard

---the right to observe and record

---Jonathan Rosenbaum considers Rushmore

---Cinephilia and Beyond's Taxi Driver files

---"This is how we live: greedily, enviously, superficially, in a state of endless, self-justifying desire. This is the pursuit of happiness, mirrored in the pleasure these movies provide."  --A. O. Scott

---Interiors on the spaces of Martha Marcy May Marlene

---"The reason to keep working is almost to build a certain mental tone, like people talk about body tone. You have to move quickly when the time comes, and the time might come very infrequently – once or twice a year, or even less."  --Brian Eno

---"The hardest thing in making a movie is to keep in the front of your consciousness your original response to the material. Because that's going to be the thing that will make the movie. And the loss of that will break the movie."  --Stanley Kubrick

---The Vertigo of Anagnorisis by Catherine Grant

---Origins of Film Noir

---the Hamlet supercut

---"Welcome to America's Thirty Years War."

---trailers for Don Jon, Blood Ties, The Purge, A Field in England, The Dance of Reality, Jimmy P., Europa Report, Patrick, Fruitvale Station, War on Whistleblowers, The CongressBerberian Sound Studio, and Rapture-Palooza

---anatomy of a scene: Frances Ha

---Campion's top 10 Criterion films and Mel Brooks' 11 favorite movie scenes

---the Oklahoma tornado


Joel Bocko said…
Happy birthday! I like the low-key celebration (I myself have taken another route, haha). Funny how so many of us started around the same time (I mean, even blogs I discovered further down the line). What was in the water in 2008, I wonder?
Thanks, Joel.

Perhaps 2008 proved a good time for blogging because Tumblr hadn't kicked in yet?