More links about the on-going shift from traditional media to blogs

As a former newspaper critic, I continue to find the rapid changes in media fascinating. What are the pros and cons of posting on a blog versus writing for more traditional media? In Hermeneutic Circle Blog, DrMabuse discusses the relative merits of printed literary criticism and litblogs. He notes how The Atlantic’s ad sales have declined 11% in the past month.

Writing for The Huffington Post, Lissa Warren wonders "Will Blogs Save Books" with some doubts about the quality and length of blog book reviews.

Hyperkinesis examines how arts critics of traditional media are disappearing and being replaced by social networks and bloggers.

Most impressively, William Lobdell gave 42 reasons for leaving the Los Angeles Times. He makes lots of cogent points about the reluctance of newspaper editors to face the rapid changes in the way we get the news. For instance, he points out “The idea that your daily news is collected, written, edited, paginated, printed on dead trees, put in a series of trucks and cars and delivered on your driveway — at least 12 hours stale — is anachronistic in 2008.”


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