Notable film and media links--November 17, 2009

---Cate Blanchett and Desire.

---The 101 best music videos of the decade.

---"Black Button," the short that inspired Richard Kelly's The Box?

---In an interview promoting The Road, Cormac McCarthy notes how our age of multiplicity devalues cultural artifacts:

JH: Viewers are being hardwired differently. In film, it's harder and harder to use wide shots now. And the bigger the budget, the more closeups there are and the faster they change. It's a whole different approach. What's going to happen is there will be the two extremes: the franchise films that are now getting onto brands like Barbie, and Battleship and Ronald McDonald; then there are these incredible, very low-budget digital films. But that middle area, they just can't sustain and make it work in the current model. Maybe the model will change and hopefully readjust.

CM: Well, I don't know what of our culture is going to survive, or if we survive. If you look at the Greek plays, they're really good. And there's just a handful of them. Well, how good would they be if there were 2,500 of them? But that's the future looking back at us. Anything you can think of, there's going to be millions of them. Just the sheer number of things will devalue them. I don't care whether it's art, literature, poetry or drama, whatever. The sheer volume of it will wash it out. I mean, if you had thousands of Greek plays to read, would they be that good? I don't think so.

---Sociological Images notes the De-gaying of A Single Man.

---Star Trek bloopers.

---Facebook as alibi and one way to apprehend a criminal.

---A. O. Scott considers the last decade of movies:

"Perhaps the easiest and most satisfying way to make sense of the unruly cinematic abundance of the past 10 years is to sift through it for masters and masterpieces, kicking the tires to see what has been built to last. Whatever else was going on, a handful of great filmmakers made a handful of great films, just as in other decades. Steven Spielberg, freed in the ’90s by the successes of “Schindler’s List” and “Saving Private Ryan” from the burden of importance, made a series of bracingly imaginative entertainments — “Minority Report,” “Catch Me if You Can,” “War of the Worlds,” “Munich” and “The Terminal” in addition to “A.I.” — that were both nimble and deeply resonant. Clint Eastwood, in his 70s, entered the most prolific and diverse phase of his career as a director, breathing new life into long-established Hollywood genres, including the boxing picture (“Million Dollar Baby”), the crime thriller (“Mystic River”) and the combat epic (“Letters From Iwo Jima”). Martin Scorsese collected his overdue Academy Award for “The Departed”; Joel and Ethan Coen won their first Best Picture Oscar, for “No Country for Old Men,” in the midst of popping out a film a year. Gus Van Sant, Robert Altman, P. T. Anderson, Spike Jonze, Spike Lee, Steven Soderbergh, Todd Haynes. The canon of American cinema, since the early ’60s a catalog of acknowledged auteurs, expanded significantly in the new century."

---The top 50 documentaries of the decade.

---Time helps us prepare for the end of the world, although it appears that the promoters of 2012 overdid it some, so now we get these bland scientific reassurances.

---Citizen journalism in action.

---The history of the internet in a nutshell.

---The heavenly video game that will save us all.

---Lastly, bad boys Tarantino and Almodovar grow up.


TheFilmist said…
Coincidently, for the past month and a half, Glenn Heath from that indelible Match Cuts and I have been counting down our respective Top Ten of the past ten years - we're three away from being finished, having just finished our #4, being Tarsem's "The Fall," and Spike Lee's "The 25th Hour," respectively.

And, as to what's coming up at number three on my end, here's a hint. Snow and ice. Lots of snow and ice.
Thanks for the notice, Filmist. I trust it is not Whiteout.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?
TheFilmist said…
Well, that last comment was meant to be a joke, really.

But, nope. Not Eternal Sunshine, although that is going to appear on my "Next of the Best" list, somewheres.
TheFilmist said…
See for yourself, my friend - up at the site.