Notable film links: September 5, 2008

--In Coleman's Corner in Cinema, Alexander Coleman writes impressive reviews of classic films such as Out of the Past (1947).

--For The Dancing Image, Movieman0283 discusses how Hollywood satirized itself in The Bad and the Beautiful.

--In Screen Savour, T. S. explores the "on-screen chemistry" of Cary Grant and and Katherine Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby (1938). I look forward to his month-long focus on Hitchcock coming up in October.

In MovieZeal, Anil Usumezbas traces the entire history of noir all the way back to Renaissance painting techniques in "Rain, Guns & Cigarettes--Noir's Past and Present."

--FF Film in Focus has an informative series concerning influential film bloggers called "Behind the Blog," which features the Cinetrix of Pullquote.

--Writing for The Cooler, Jason Bellamy analyzes the importance of set design and eroticism in Lust: Caution.

--I've been surprised by the lack of comment about Jan Harlan's intriguing documentary Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures, now available on DVD. In The Documentary Site, Heather McIntosh notes how the film explores how, as Jack Nicholson puts it, Kubrick is "still the man. And, I still feel that underrates him."

--For those of us who genuflect before their Pauline Kael shrine every day, Tom Sutpen of Illusion Travels by Streetcar has found a recording of Kael giving a rousing 54 minute talk in 1968 at UC Berkeley just after she was hired to The New Yorker.


T.S. said…
The Kael talk is going to be fantastic! It's going on my iPod for the my commute Monday.

Thanks for the shout-out, too.
My pleasure, T. S. It's fun to hear Kael talk about all of the things she didn't write about Bonnie and Clyde, and I like the way she calls attention to the corporate constraints of major print publications when it comes to their movie reviews. I wonder what she would have thought of the proliferation of film reviews in the blogosphere.