Sugar Addiction and the Big Tobacco-like Deceptions of the Food Industry: 7 notes

1) Given the addictive qualities of sugar, the food industry's deceptions are equivalent to those of big tobacco.

2) The food industry strives to get children hooked on sugar before they can develop a critical capacity to tell what's going on (a marketing technique that McDonald's has been perfecting since 1960).

3) Just a tobacco smoke causes lung cancer and many other health problems, sugar addiction causes obesity, diabetes, and a host of other ills.

4) Kicking the sugar habit sensitizes you to the addiction of most people you know--family, friends.

5) Soda often has 16 packs of sugar per 16 ounce drink. Many of the pre-movie ads that one watches at our local Regal Cineplex pitch Coke, Pepsi, Sprite (etc.) to the youth market.

6) Since the body cannot properly process all of that sugar, the pancreas cranks out insulin in reaction, thereby leading to weight gain.

7) Much of what is touted by the food industry as healthy or ethical--fruit juices, smoothies, low-fat cookies, and Ben & Jerry's Fairtrade ice cream--somehow fails to mention the effects of its excessive amounts of sugar.

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