Video production class weblog: 8 questions for young filmmakers

Every year, I teach a 2 and 1/2 week video production class that obliges a group of students to make a 10 minute video using any location they can procure in a small town in South Carolina (here's a sample weblog of one class in 2012). As more and more former students return to present their work from various film-related graduate programs, I've been thinking of some questions to ask them:

1) What are the newest interactions between the Internet, social media, apps, and filmmaking techniques? Frank Rose explores this topic in The Art of Immersion.

2) Where do you see video production techniques moving in the future?

3) What do you think about vlogging? I find Casey Neistat's work intriguing--here's his summary of 2015.

4) Are storyboards being replaced by animatics?

5) How will the GoPro change video production techniques and scholarship?

6) How will the increasing production of video essays transform film scholarship?

7) Why has the single-shot film become more popular in recent years?

8) What do you think of the difficulties of younger filmmakers in getting anyone to see their films? Of the sheer glut of movies being made with an increasingly impatient and distracted audience?

Here are two interviews with student filmmakers: Olivia Keyes and Morgan Honaker