Alphabet meme: The Film Doctor’s top film list

Anders at Cut, Print, Review challenged me to list my favorite films alphabetically. Leaving out films such as Bonnie and Clyde, On The Waterfront, and The Killing proved extraordinarily painful, but I enjoyed selecting the rest.

Here they are:

Ace in the Hole


Children of Men

Donnie Darko

Eight and a Half

La Femme Nikita

The Godfather

The Hustler

It Happened One Night

Jules et Jim

Kind Hearts and Coronets

The Last Seduction


Night of the Living Dead

Out of the Past



The Road Warrior

Sweet Smell of Success

Taxi Driver

Used Cars


White Heat




Thoughts on this selection?

Would . . .

Jason Bellamy of The Cooler

Ed Howard of Only the Cinema

Ibetolis of Film for the Soul

care to take the challenge?

Thanks also to Fletch of Blog Cabins for starting the meme.


bd said…
Ace in the Hole: Instead of Austin Powers?

Children of Men: instead of Casablanca?

Donnie Darko: instead of The Day the Earth Stood Still?

The Godfather: Natch.

Quadrophenia: Instead of Quantum of Solace?

The Road Warrior: Instead of Raging Bull?

Sweet Smell of Success: Instead of Saturday Night Fever?

White Heat: Instead of Walking Tall?

Young Frankenstein?

X-Men: This was really tough, wasn't it?... X-Men or Xanadu.

Zelig: Agreed.

Yours is of course a better list. But what about movies with titles that begin with, or consist of, numbers?
Anonymous said…
Nice list! A lot of great classics.

Good choice with Breathless....if i remembered Godard's film at the time of posting, it might have featured on my list too.

Also like your choice of Metropolis and Road Warrior (only known as Mad Max in Aus), although both would consequently have had to have kick Memento off the list if they wanted a spot...which wasn't going to happen.
Ed Howard said…
OK, here is my list. Thanks for tagging me, this was fun. Although, since I haven't seen any of the X-men movies, I couldn't think of anything for that one. For almost every other letter, though, I was faced with way too many great choices. Very challenging to narrow it down.
Jus--Most definitely instead of Austin Powers. Casablanca always struck me as sappy (brilliant propagandistic hogwash?). Otherwise, I could probably come up with a different list every week.
As for movies with numbers, I would choose 12 Monkeys.

Anders--Thanks for tagging me. Let's hear it for The Road Warrior and Australian cinema! I'll comment on your list when I get a chance.

Ed Howard--My pleasure. Thanks for taking on the challenge.
Jason Bellamy said…
FDr: I'll gladly take up the challenge over the weekend. Fun!
Jason Bellamy--Great! I look forward to it. I have frequently admired your work on The Cooler.
Joel Bocko said…
5 agreements...all at the end of the list, oddly enough. You can read mine here:
Thanks, MovieMan. I can tell that we have similar tastes because I easily could have included The Big Lebowski, Lawrence of Arabia, and Pandora's Box on mine. Your inclusion of both Easy Rider and Masculin Feminin on the same list is interesting. Thanks for your reply on your blog about the latter. Why do you like Easy Rider so much? (Just curious.)

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