Would Cleopatra vlog? and other questions about history and social media

Would Jesus tweet? If so, who would he follow?

Would Flaubert blog? If so, would he favor Blogger or Wordpress?

Would Moses compose a link list in the desert?

Would Homer sing of the new iPad?

Would Aristotle pan The Werewolf on his cell phone?

Would Thoreau renew his status updates?

Would Melville poke Hawthorne?

Would Emily Dickinson check the privacy features on her Facebook page?

Would Ralph Ellison have his invisible man comment anonymously?

Would Shakespeare text?

Would James Joyce check his traffic stats?

Would Cleopatra vlog?

Would Genghis Khan troll?

Would Hercules clean out his temporary files?

Would Mona Lisa ; )

Would Ulysses S. Grant keep checking Robert E. Lee's twitter feed?

Would Buddha zone out with his screen saver on?


Jason Bellamy said…
Nice. Love this one ...

"Would Mona Lisa ; )"
bd said…
Buddha might more properly Zen out on his screen saver.
Thanks, Jason and JUS. Would Napoleon Chatroulette? Would Lao Tzu have given much attention to augmented reality video apps? One does wonder.